Welcome to Migrateful

We are an award-winning UK charity with a mission to support migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in their journey to integration. Our work also focuses on shifting negative attitudes about migration and shedding light on important issues related to migrant rights and well-being.

Corporate team building

Migrateful chefs

The Migrateful chef family now represents over 30 different countries. Find out more about our chefs and the stories that brought them to the UK.


Cookery classes open to the public

Learn delicious and authentic recipes from around the world, practice a different language, and meet new people for a cultural exchange online and in person.  

Migrateful’s cookery classes help support migrants and refugees struggling to rebuild their lives.

Team building cookery classes for organisations

Looking for the perfect team building activity for your office, whilst also making a huge difference to the life of our refugee chefs? 

Or how about an online corporate class for your remote team? A fun and socially responsible alternative to zoom games!

Private cookery classes for friends & family

Would you like to have a private session with your family and or friends? A familiar experience cooking and having fun together, led by one of our chefs?

Or maybe you are looking for a way to connect online with your loved ones? Our private group online classes might be what you need!

Corporate team building

Gift vouchers

Why not gift your loved one the chance to learn a brand new cuisine and support our amazing chefs to rebuild their lives! One gift voucher entitles you to attend a cookery class with any of our chefs.


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Looking for delicious, authentic food for your event? Employ a Migrateful Alumni to do the catering! Many of our alumni chefs have gone on to set up their own catering businesses. Due to the size of Migrateful, we receive frequent catering requests, but find that our alumni chefs sometimes struggle to find demand for their services, especially when they are just starting out.

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Two black women wearing a white apron with the purple and orange Migrateful logo, standing in front of a table with pots and cooking ingredients

Solidarity Fund

Many of our chefs are unable to legally work and have no recourse to public funds whilst they are awaiting a decision from the Home Office about their immigration status. Our solidarity fund enables them to pay for some of their basic needs such as transport and food.