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Migrateful Christmas Party 2018

Migrateful Christmas Party 2018

The office festive party season is in full swing, with employees up and down the country letting their hair down for the usual traditions: donning Christmas jumpers, overindulging in booze, and dancing the night away to cheesy hits. The Migrateful Christmas-do was somewhat of a different affair. There wasn’t a single Christmas jumper in sight as our chefs and volunteers instead opted for their aprons, taking part in one final showcase for the year.

Before the food, however, there was a chance for everyone to reflect on what has been a remarkable year. In a workshop led by our founder, Jess Thompson, we discussed some of our best achievements, funniest moments and biggest challenges of 2018. There was also a chance to write a Christmas card, but, in typical Migrateful fashion, with a slight twist. The cards were addressed to our future selves, and we were asked to note down some of the goals we wanted to achieve by this time next year.

The rest of the party showcased the very best of our organization as the chefs began to prepare the Christmas meal. The spread was simply spectacular. Among the eclectic mix were Egyptian falafel, Malian grilled fish, Ethiopian vegetable fritters, Tunisian tajine, Pakistani vegetable soup, Albanian mushroom sauce and some Greek-inspired tarts.

A lot I know… and we haven’t even mentioned the desserts!

Before we tucked in, though, there was still time for a few drinks as one of the star chefs, Betty, led a heart-warming toast, thanking everyone for coming and their amazing work throughout the year. There was extra cause for celebration as we were also handing out Food Hygiene certificates that many of our chefs worked incredibly hard to achieve.

The food was – unsurprisingly – incredible. Certainly nothing like any Christmas dinner I’ve eaten before. But that didn’t matter. Christmas, for me at least, is about spending time with family, and here at Migrateful we really are just one big family. A family spanning 14 countries, from all walks of life, all coming together to share a small piece of our culture.

So, all that is left to say from me and the rest of the Migrateful team is Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Blog piece written by Migrateful intern Thanu Varatharajan