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We’re having a summer break!

Just for the month of August. Our regular in-person and online classes will resume in September 2022.

We can call it a holiday for our soul (though an actual holiday sounds really nice too). A “stepping away from the fire”. A moment of reflection. A season to rejuvenate, to detox, to sharpen our knives. 

But to put it a little less figuratively, the Migrateful team is really just pausing some of our operations to make time for some important product, systems and process reviews and enhancements so we can come back bigger, better, purpler! 

Not to worry though, alternatively, you can come to our TRAINING CLASSES with our new cohort of talented chefs in London! These are half-priced practice classes where you not only get to sample some of the upcoming delicious menu more widely available publicly starting September but also support these wonderful new chefs’ development.  We can’t wait for you to share the dining table with them!

Don’t miss us too much, will you? We will see you again very soon!