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Training Classes for the London class of 2022

10 new amazing chefs. 10 new menus to choose from.

Our new cohort of London chefs has just graduated and it’s our pride and joy to invite you to their upcoming training classes happening this August! 

The Migrateful family’s growing and we can’t wait for you to share the dining table with these incredibly talented people:

In these half-priced practice classes, you will get the chance to sample their delicious recipes and support their development journey as new members of the Migrateful family. At the end of the class (meaning when you’re happy and full after a fun, homestyle cook-along), you will be encouraged to share suggestions, feedback and ideas that our new chefs can build on as they take on their next big steps as Migrateful cookery class teachers! 

Check out the class times and book a Family Style Training Class now!

Volunteering opportunities are available too. Sign up here.