Albanian cuisine with Deshira

My name is Deshira and I come from Albania which is located in the South-East of Europe. Albanian cuisine is a representative of the cuisine of the Mediterranean… it is also an example of the Mediterranean diet based on the importance of olive oil, fruits, vegetables and fish. I started cooking when i was 9 years old because my mother got sick and was 3 months in hospital so i was “on duty” to take care of my little brother and dad. I remember my first dish was homemade bread. My favourite Albanian dish is called “byrek” and it’s made with lots of pastry filled with mince,cheese or spinach. Since coming to the UK I lost the interest in cooking because I live on my own and wasn’t┬áreally bothered but when i heard about Migrateful I was happy and surprised that such organisation exist. It is nice being part of this project because I love cooking and I am brought up in a culture where sharing a meal with others is a very important way of connecting with others and integrating in the society. I hope during this project i will get enough self confidence to develop my passion for cooking, share my favourite┬árecipes and learn more about different cuisines.