Celebrate Christmas 2021 with Migrateful

Holidays are all about food, fun and togetherness - ingredients that are included in every single one of our classes.

Christmas party with your colleagues

A Migrateful cookery class brings employees together to connect, feel merry, learn new skills and mark the holiday season in a memorable way. A Migrateful chef will lead the group in cooking a festive meal together online or in person, depending on your company’s preference.  


Enjoy an online cookery class with your loved ones

For loved ones having to distance in a time they’d usually celebrate together, Migrateful also offers private cookery classes, allowing multiple households to join in and cook ‘together’. 


Migrateful cookery class voucher, the perfect gift

A Migrateful cookery class voucher is the perfect way to spread some cheer, while helping the UK’s migrant communities too. The class voucher is a unique and ethical gift idea, allowing the recipient to explore the cuisine of their choice.