Public Cookery Classes

Online or in-person, relaxed cookery experiences or premium cookery classes, here at Migrateful we have a class for every need!

Family Style

In-Person Cookery Class

A fun, laid-back, homestyle cooking experience where participants enjoy authentic dishes from around the world in a communal setting and support refugees and migrant chefs in their journey to integration.


in London / outside London
per person

Station style

In-Person Cookery Class

A unique premium cookery class experience for foodies and cooking enthusiasts where refugee and migrant chefs from all over the world will teach you their traditional, and hard-to-find recipes and techniques.


only in London
per person

Virtual Cookery Class

Online Cookery Class

We are running online cookery classes taught by our amazing refugee and migrant chefs on Zoom! Learn to cook delicious food, meet new people, and enjoy a cultural exchange in the fun, intimate setting of your own kitchen. 


per household

What people say about our classes

Very moving to meet the cook, and hear her story. Produced amazingly delicious food. Friendliness, and people from all over the country. Really well led.

I had so much fun and the chef was very patient and great at explaining! Food was delicious. I am so happy I have leftovers for today. I'd sign up in a heartbeat for the next one!

Migrateful Cookery Classes comparison table

  • Family Style
  • Station Style
  • Online
Features Family StyleStation StyleOnline
/per household
Class typeIn-PersonIn-Personvia Zoom
Class sizeMax 12 ppMax 16ppMax 14 pp
Team sizes3 or 42your household
Class difficultyBeginnerInt./Adv.Intermediate
Recipes you'll cook1 recipe3 recipes2/3 recipes
Available inLondon, Bristol, Brighton, KentLondononline
IngredientsProvided by usProvided by usProvided by you
Sit down meal at the end
Stage of Chef trainingIntermediateAdvancedIntermediate
Cost of training received£6,137£11,853£6,137

Class price breakdown

Migrateful is a charity. All the money we raise from ticket sales is spent on our mission: to help refugees and vulnerable migrants on their journey to employment and independence and promote integration.

We cover our costs mainly from ticket sales, supplemented by some grant income. We are also greatly supported by our dedicated volunteers and generous venues who offer us their space for subsidised rates. Here is what the price of your ticket goes towards:

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