Family Style Cookery Classes

Cookery classes inspired by the experience of sharing a home-cooked meal with family!

What is a family style cookery class?

Family Style Cookery Classes are inspired by the experience of sharing a home cooked meal with family. In these classes, the preparation, eating and enjoying of a full meal, made up of a number of dishes, happens together in a communal setting.


How does it work?

The class is divided into groups which are responsible for bringing one part of the menu to life before the dishes are all shared around a table with the chef alongside stories and drinks. 


Discover an array of delicious dishes

Get a taste of the story behind the Chef’s full menu and their personal connection to each recipe.

Syrian feast

Savour the whole menu!

Enjoy all dishes together with the chef and fellow participants, sitting around the dinner table at the end of the cookery class!

Family Style Public Cookery Classes Timetable

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