Looking for the perfect team building activity for your office, whilst also making a huge difference to the lives of our refugee chefs? Book a Migrateful cookery class

Why choose a Migrateful cookery class for your office?

A Migrateful class will achieve all of the usual objectives of team building activities: it requires skills such as communication, collaboration, trust, delegation and sharing. In contrast to more traditional corporate activities though, a Migrateful class applies those skills to a real and useful task (cooking) whose end result (a delicious meal) is tangible and directly reflective of the strength of its team. Preparing and sharing a meal together is a great way to get people in the office talking to one another and learning to work as a team in a fun and informal setting. Shelling beans, peeling potatoes and chopping tomatoes with someone new are surprisingly effective ways to get to know them.

  • Each class involves between 8 – 15 participants, at £45 per person. If you want to involve a bigger group we can do several classes simultaneously.
  • Our classes last 2.5 hours including a shared meal, usually 6.30 – 9pm. Our team will need one hour either side to set up and pack down. If you’re short for time, consider our one hour long cooking demonstrations!
  • The classes are hosted at one of our partnering venues for an additional hire fee starting at £125. If you believe it is suitable, you can request to host the class in your office building, meaning your staff won’t need to travel. We will bring all the cooking equipment to you. All we need is a big table, plug sockets and a sink. Put our team in touch with your office manager to discuss further and to receive our risk assessment and certificate of public liability insurance.
  • One of our chefs, supported by a facilitator and a couple of volunteers, will guide your group in preparing a full meal of three or more traditional dishes. Participants learn authentic techniques and flavours in a fun and informal atmosphere. You can find the full list of cuisines available here.
  • The fee for the cookery class will go towards paying for our weekly chef training, which offers an invaluable community and support network for our refugee chefs and helps them to improve their cookery teaching skills.

You can request a class here or email us at bookings@migrateful.org for more information.

Feedback from attendees of previous cookery class corporate events:

“It’s a great chance to meet new people from the office while doing something different, and doing something for charity!”

“Makes people happier, brightens up your day, introduces you to new people inside and outside the company.”

“It was an absolutely brilliant session. The chef was fun, enthusiastic and motivated us all along the way. The atmosphere was lovely and she selected traditional music for the session too. The team were all talking about it the following day.”

We have run cookery classes for over 100 different companies; here are some of our most well-known clients: