Egyptian cuisine with Ahmed

Hello! My name is Ahmed Osman. I’m 52 years old and I’m from Egypt.

I became a refugee after things went wrong with my fruit-selling business in Egypt. My company was exporting fruit across Europe from Egypt and I had more than 250 employees. It all went wrong when a UK client did not pay me for a shipment worth £250,000. I could not then pay an Egyptian supplier and received death threats. I travelled to the UK to try to get back the money owed to me through the court system, but it wasn’t long before I could no longer pay the legal fees to continue.

I really love cooking and now my dream is to one day own my own restaurant. I really enjoy Migrateful because it gives me a chance to make new friends – it hasn’t been easy to make friends since I arrived to the Uk 4 years ago. I also really value the opportunity to be able to show to people that I am a hard worker. It’s been so difficult for me to find employment here in the UK. I’m also hoping that speaking to people in the cookery classes will help me to improve my English.