In-Person Corporate Booking Form

NOTE: This form is ONLY for companies and organisations. If the final invoice will be paid for by a company or organisation, then this is the right form. Otherwise, you need to use the Private Group form.
NOTE: Our pricing for corporate classes have a minimum, which is £700 for a standard class and £1050 for a Generosity Package class. They both include 10 spaces. If you have a party that;'s bigger than 10 people, you will pay extra for each person (£70 for standard, £105 for Generosity Package).
Note: the ideal maximum number of people taking the class together is 18. We can still fit 22 people in the same class, but some people will have to be in groups of 3. If your group is bigger than 22 then the only available option would be to break down the group and book multiple classes.