You are currently viewing BRISTOL – In Person Ghanaian Cookery Class with Mansura!

BRISTOL – In Person Ghanaian Cookery Class with Mansura!


St Werburghs Community Centre

Horley Road, Saint Werburgh's, BS2 9TJ

Saint Werburgh's, England, GB, BS2 9TJ

Chef Mansura will teach you some of her favourite Ghanaian dishes followed by a wonderful sit down meal

Welcome to our team style feast class in Bristol!

This small-scale class for 12 participants is not socially distanced.

This cookery class will be taught by the wonderful Ghanaian chef Mansura at the St Werburghs Community Centre in Bristol.

This is a team style feast where we will collectively prepare 4 dishes in 2 teams. Chef will divide the class into 2 groups with each one responsible for creating the dishes. You are also free to move around during the class to learn about the other dishes. Chef will recap each of the dishes throughout the evening and at the end of the class so that everyone can learn about all of the dishes. You will also be emailed the recipes after the class.

A sample menu of the dishes that will be taught include:

  • Chinkafa Da Wakye (Rice and beans)
  • Hausa Abomu Wakye (Rice and beans stew)
  • Ampesie Brodie (Boiled plantain)
  • Abomudayua (Garden egg stew)
  • Shitto (Ghana’s chilli ‘secret sauce’)
  • Bofrot (Carrot doughnuts)

This menu caters to both vegetarians and those who eat meat. Allergens include: gluten, milk, eggs, shellfish. Please let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements!

We will also be selling our beautiful Migrateful aprons! You can purchase them when booking your ticket (pick it up at the event) or before the cookery class starts at the venue.

A message from our Chef Mansura:

“My name is Mansura. I am from Northern Ghana, from a town called Salaga. It’s an inland town. It’s the capital of East Gonja district. It was the biggest slave market in West Africa. I came to the UK in April 2015. I have one child, a son called Ibrahim. He’s 5 years old and he is at school here in Bristol. I learned cooking in a polygamous family, cooking for a lot of people. When I was a child I learned by watching and I helped by bringing water, washing the food, chopping onions and so on. In our country men are in control, women don’t have much of a voice. Here a woman can do anything – be a mechanic or a doctor or engineer. I love to cook and I love teaching, – I play Twi and Hausa music during my classes! I am confident because I am teaching what I know. I really enjoy it and I really appreciate the Migrateful project. They have made me aware of other culture’s cuisines.”

We will send you a reminder email 3 days before the class takes place that will include our In-Person Class COVID-19 Policy. You can also find more information on our website and social media pages.

Payments made through Paypal can take up to 48 hours to have the order confirmed. To guarantee your spot on a cookery class we recommend using a debit or credit card.

Please note, we only process refunds and ticket transfers if we are notified 7 days before the class takes place.

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