Family Style Cookery Classes

A fun, laid-back, homestyle cooking experience where participants enjoy authentic dishes from around the world in a communal setting and support refugees and migrant chefs in their journey to integration.

What is a Family Style Cookery Class?

Our cookery classes are an essential tool we use in our training: chefs learn how to run a class, and then they have the chance to teach classes to grow their hospitality-related work experience. 

Family Style Cookery Classes are a specific type of cookery class inspired by the experience of sharing a home-cooked meal with family. In these classes, the preparation, eating and enjoying of a full meal, made up of a number of dishes, happens together in a communal setting. The class is divided into groups which are responsible for bringing one part of the menu to life before they are all shared around a table with the chef alongside stories and drinks.

Family Style Cookery Classes are Migrateful cooking classes designed for those seeking a fun, social, food-based activity which supports the migrant and refugee community (these differ from our Station Style Cookery Classes which offer a more in-depth learning experience).

Positive, Informal, Enjoyable and Impactful: the Migrateful Promise

No matter what type of Migrateful cookery class you will attend, they all come with the Migrateful Promise:

  • Positive: the environment will be positive, uplifting and safe for everyone. A Facilitator will be there to support the Chef.
  • Informal: the overall vibe is informal, colloquial and friendly, ideal for a class where you learn without stress.
  • Enjoyable: all our in-person classes include sitting around a table, eating, chatting, and having fun. Bringing people together. 
  • Impactful: your attendance has a double impact. First, you directly support the individual Chef, by giving them a training opportunity and financial support. Second: you support our Mission, allowing for more refugees and migrants to access our Chef Training Programme

What is a Family Style Cookery Class all about?

Corporate cooking class

Learn to make a new authentic recipe

Create a dish from scratch with the guidance and shared cooking secrets of one of our refugee and migrant Chefs.


Discover an array of delicious dishes

Get a taste of the story behind the Chef’s full menu and their personal connection to each recipe in a communal setting.

Dinner with chef Ahmed

Savor the whole menu!

Enjoy all dishes together with the Chef and fellow participants.

How does a Family Style Cookery Class work?

  1. Family Style Cookery Classes are a relaxed cooking experience run our very own Migrateful Cookery School and various partner venues!
  2. The Chef is supported by a Facilitator and several Class Sidekick volunteers.  The Facilitator will be the person checking you in.
  3. There will be a swift introduction from the Chef and then the Facilitator will give you some practical info.
  4. The Chef will divide the class into groups – each group will be responsible for creating one of the dishes.
  5. You will take your cooking area and start preparing the dishes with the guidance of the Chef.#
  6. The chef will continuously oversee your work, give you notes, share tips, etc. You are welcome and encouraged to move around to learn about the other dishes.
  7. Once the whole class is finished, you all sit down together to eat what you prepared.

Family Style (London)

A fun and relaxed cookery experience
£ 45 per person
  • Learn authentic recipes
  • Enjoy a relaxed cookery experience
  • Support the Migrateful cause

Family Style (Bristol, Brighton, Kent)

A fun and relaxed cookery experience
£ 35 per person
  • Learn authentic recipes
  • Enjoy a relaxed cookery experience
  • Support the Migrateful cause