Cookery demonstrations

Online cook-along and facilitated conversations
ideal for large groups or busy schedules

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Demonstration details



Your group will be shown how to cook a simple traditional dish and talk with one of our chefs about their experience of food, migration and belonging.


Aims of the sessions

Engage in an open discussion around themes central to our project: cooking, migration and the journeys of our chefs. The sessions are ideal for organisations concerned with wellbeing, team bonding and diversity.

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How it works

We send you and your team a list of ingredients and equipment needed for the class in advance, along with a Zoom link so that everyone can cook together. The chef will give step by step instructions with those wishing to cook along, all while sharing their culture with the group.


Group size and duration

Our demonstrations accommodate groups of between 25- 95 participants and last 1 hour, making it the perfect activity to break up a long day of training or reward your employees with something different.

Our online classes are facilitated by experienced Migrateful staff.


We’ve run cookery classes for over 100 organisations

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