Syrian cuisine with Haifaa

My name is Haifaa. I am from Damascus in Syria. I graduated with a degree in English Translation from the University of Damascus and worked as a teacher for 15 years back home in Syria. I came to London in November 2016 with my husband and two young children because of the war. Despite the conflict, Syria is a wonderful country, famous for its delicious and diverse variety of food, such as Falafel, Kubah, Mahashi, Kabsah, Yabrak, Mutabal, Mlukhiah and Kabab. I love cooking, and I am passionate and very skilled at making Syrian food. Each dish has a different story and reminds me of my home country and beloved family, still there. Back in Syria, I was famous in my community for my cooking. If I invited friends for dinner, the word would get out and before I knew it everyone would be arriving to join the dinner party. It’s difficult starting a new life in England without my friends and family here. When I heard about Migrateful I did not hesitate to join their team to share my love of cooking and to make new friends.