In-Person Corporate Cooking Demo

Let Migrateful chefs take you on a quick, fun & easy culinary learning & dining experience that gives back to the migrant & refugee community.


We know you don’t always have the time for extensive cookery classes and, now and then, it’s nice to have a relaxed space to learn from the pros and enjoy delicious food! Simpler yet not short of a unique food experience- that’s what a Migrateful In-Person Cooking Demo is in a nutshell. Here’s more info about it:

Migrateful Cooking Demo Overview


At Migrateful In-Person Cooking Demos, our chefs take you on a special food trip with some of their recipes from home. Here, they not only tell you useful tips and tricks in making their traditional recipes, they also share their stories and passion for food! A mini version of our cookery classes, if you may, except our chefs do most, if not all of the cooking and you do more of the learning, helping out with some prep tasks (if you want to) and eating! A quick and easy activity you can share with friends or work teams- perfect for events, socials and team building!

Cooking Demo

How it Works

In this demo, you will be treated by a Migrateful chef to a step by step cooking showcase to prepare 2-3 simple snacks and nibbles. The day starts with a welcome by our class facilitator followed by the chef getting on with an intro about the featured demo dishes. Throughout the session, the chef will teach you how to prepare the recipes from their cuisine, sharing their unique techniques and stories. You will be encouraged to try doing some simple tasks and ask questions as the demo goes. All the ingredients and cooking equipment will be provided.


Duration, Group Size, and Availability

Our in-person cooking demo lasts for around 1 hour, including time to dine together at the end. We usually request for an extra hour before and after the demo to set up and clean up. The classes are ideal for groups of 12-25 participants and can be held at any venue of your choice as long as it is conducive to cooking. We can do either lunch or evening demos. To ensure smooth planning, we recommend you book 3-4 weeks in advance.


Special Requests & Co-Branding

Migrateful In-Person Cooking Demos are perfect either as pocket or main activities for special events. We have partnered with organisations that held private and public functions with guests from the press, community and partner organisations. We can always work together on enhancing the experience from adding special venue dress up touches to the helping with the program to others. We welcome both one-time and regular events as well as building partnerships.


Our Migrateful chefs have shared their recipes and our dining table with various companies including Fora, the Hammersmith & Fulham Council, Waterlogic and others. By having a demo with us, they have all directly supported our chefs by contributing to our training programme and our solidarity fund. We are proud to share some of the kind words they said about their experience with us: 

A huge thank you for making our Anti-Slavery Day event such a success. We had a great time and have received loads of positive feedback from both the residents and professionals who attended (including our Chief Executive and one of our elected Councillors). Chefs Zineb and Ahmed were fantastic and the food was delicious! - Caterina, H&F Council


We had so much fun at the demo! A huge thank you from our entire team. Nahida was charming, funny, patient and her food was delicious - Louise, Fora