Become a Migrateful chef


Any Bristol based refugee or asylum seeker who meets the criteria can apply. 

Application deadline midnight, Wednesday 13th October 2021

Interviews will be held on Zoom on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th October 2021 

 We will take you on a journey from passionate home cook to confident cookery class teacher. By the end of the training program you will be ready to teach cookery classes for Migrateful which you will be paid for if you have the right to work. Once qualified you will be invited to teach at least one Bristol based cookery class a month. The class will be easily accessible by public transport.

The course will consist of 10 weeks of online and in-person chef training on Tuesday and Thursday mornings 9:45 – 2pm starting 4th November 2021. The location of in person training is at Coexist Community Kitchen, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6JF.

For more information download our Bristol Chef Training Brochure here.

 Please note: Migrateful supports those who have experienced forced migration; for reasons of persecution, war, or poverty. In light of our mission, we do not accept applications from nationals of democratically and/or economically developed countries

 If you have any other questions, or if you’re looking to refer a client, please email

What to expect from the Migrateful program:

What to expect
“A friend told me about Migrateful. The social experience of teaching the cookery classes was a really great way to address my loneliness. The classes allowed me to meet British people, which I really valued as I am going to live in this country for the rest of my life. Migrateful has been like a family to me, it filled me with love, it was a place where I could belong and people made me feel valued and trusted. I had to leave behind my family so it was so important for me to find a new one. Running the classes has also helped me to develop the idea of starting my own Afghan food company: People really love my Afghan food!”
Habib Sadat
Former Migrateful Afghan chef