Become a Migrateful chef


Our training program will hopefully begin in September if the lock-down is over

We will take you on a journey from passionate home cook to confident cookery class teacher. Scroll down to find out more about becoming a chef, and if you have any other questions please email

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Step 1: In training

Attend our chef training group which takes place on Tuesdays for 3-6 months during term time. Travel expenses are paid for.

Term 1: Migrateful chef beginners

  • Learn how to teach a successful cookery class. Our training helps to develop self-confidence, English, leadership, story-telling, recipe development and chef skills.
  • Practise teaching the group how to cook your recipes
  • Gain a qualification (Food Hygiene Level 2)
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch together!

Term 2: Migrateful chef improvers

  • Qualify – during this term, we will decide if you are ready to start teaching cookery classes to the public
  • Continue to improve your teaching
  • If you are interested in starting your own food business, receive support and advice on how to do this

Step 2: Qualified Migrateful chef

Now you have qualified you will be paid by us for running cookery classes. These are normally 2.5 hours long, on weekday evenings (6.30pm to 9pm). We pay you £62.75 for running a class and we also pay for the food ingredients. 

If you don’t have the right to work, we will pay for your travel and ingredients, but we can’t pay for your time for legal reasons. But you may be able to get some support from our solidarity fund (£25 a week), depending on your circumstances.

We hope that chefs can teach a class at least every two weeks if not more, but this depends on how many people want to come to classes and how many trained chefs we have.

Now that you are a qualified Migrateful chef you don’t have to come to chef training every week. However, you are invited, and encouraged, to come sometimes for the practice cookery classes. This is a chance to cook with your new friends and enjoy a delicious meal, and also to support new chefs while they are in training. 

Step 3: Migrateful Alumni

Once you have qualified, you can teach Migrateful cookery classes for up to two years.

We hope your time teaching cookery classes with Migrateful will build your confidence, and help you with finding a full or part-time job, or setting up your own business, if that’s what you want to do. We can provide job references for you and connect you with organisations that support new businesses.

Our chefs say Migrateful has helped them:

  • Make new friends
  • Feel happier 
  • Improve their English
  • Increase their self-confidence
  • Find jobs
  • Start their own food businesses
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