Migrateful and the LiftTheBan coalition are calling on the Home Secretary Sajid Javid to give asylum seekers whose cases have been pending for more than 6 months the right to work. Half of people wait over 6 months for an initial decision.

At the end of 2018 there were 45,472 asylum seekers across initial accommodation, dispersed accommodation and receiving subsistence only. Housing and £37.73 a week are available for eligible asylum seekers, but this is withdrawn if the initial decision is a refusal. Roughly only 30% of first time applicants are successful.

Regardless of this support, or lack of it, asylum seekers are barred from participating in the economy, the most effective means they have to help themselves. Instead they are relegated to rely on the humiliation of hand outs and the charity of others. The result is that asylum seekers in the UK today are left to live in poverty and eventually destitution. Migrateful and LiftTheBan think that this is cruel and unnecessary.

The LiftTheBan coalition estimates 11,000 people would benefit immediately and that the UK economy could gain £42.4m per year. Join us, sign the petition and share it widely. Together we can show Sajid Javid that we believe people who have come here seeking safety deserve the right to live with dignity and purpose. Help us LiftTheBan.

You can visit the Migrateful blog, to read more about why Migrateful believes this needs to change, and to read some of the stories of our chefs.
More information and stats can be found on the LiftTheBan site. #LiftTheBan #Migrateful

Many of our chefs are unable to legally work and have no recourse to public funds whilst they are awaiting a decision from the Home Office about their immigration status. Our destitution fund enables them to pay for some of their basic need such as transport and food. You can donate to the fund here.