Syrian Cuisine with Majeda 

My name is Majeda Khouri. I am 45 years old. I am from Syria. I was exiled form my country as a civil rights activist because I helped feed those who had lost their homes in the war. My husband and two sons still live in Syria. I was working as a social worker before the war broke out. I would love to still be in Syria because my country and my family need me. But it’s not possible right now. Cooking really helps me to feel more positive about everything. The Syrian cuisine is one of the most important international cuisines because it is healthy, tasty and rich. Syria is a country on the Mediterranean Sea and it has a mild and sunny climate most days of the year, and grows all types of vegetables and fruits. I believe that there is a relationship between cooking and love and that preparing a meal for the one you love, using your skills and feelings can convey a lot to them. I have a passion for cooking and I think that passion is one of the things that makes me a good wife, Mum and friend.

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