Migrateful Cooking Classes

As well as teaching you the best recipes from around the world, Migrateful classes help support migrants and refugees rebuild their lives.
*In person classes are from 6.30 - 9pm enjoy an unforgettable cookery class and delicious meal



In-Person Classes details


Learn to cook authentic food

From 6.30 – 9pm join your fellow food lovers in learning new dishes and our chef’s authentic techniques from their home country. 


Enjoy a delicious meal

An enriching way to spend an evening, cooking and eating with new people. Book your class today and support Migrateful cause!


Meet amazing people

Forge new friendships, and share and learn with the chef in a setting where they feel empowered, cared for and supported.

Online Virtual Classes details


Learn new culinary skills

Work by yourself or with others in your household to prepare a meal, usually two dishes, all while learning our chefs’ authentic techniques from their home countries.


Meet friends and share culture

An enriching way to spend an afternoon or evening. Cooking along a small group of new people on Zoom, talking and learning about other lives, cuisines and cultures.


Support the community

Share a moment of community in this time of isolation. Learn with the chef in a setting where they feel empowered, cared for and supported. Book your class today!


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See what customers say about Migrateful classes

Very moving to meet the cook, and hear her story. Produced amazingly delicious food. Friendliness, and people from all over the country. Really well led.

I had so much fun and the chef was very patient and great at explaining! Food was delicious. I am so happy I have leftovers for today. I'd sign up in a heartbeat for the next one!

Class price breakdown

Migrateful is a charity. All the money we raise from ticket sales is spent on our mission: to help refugees and vulnerable migrants on their journey to employment and independence and promote integration.

We cover our costs mainly from ticket sales, supplemented by some grant income. We are also greatly supported by our dedicated volunteers and generous venues who offer us their space for subsidised rates. Here is what the price of your ticket goes towards: