SINGA Vegan Ethiopian cookery class with Woin

Tuesday 29th May at the Trampery 6.15pm239 Old St, Hoxton, London EC1V 9EY 

This cookery class will be part of the SINGA event. Cookery class students will prepare the food for the rest of the group which will be served at 8pm.

About the SINGA event 29th May

SINGA (which means ‘connect’ in Lingala, a Congolese language) brings together refugees & locals through the things they love and want to learn. 

SINGA Commons is open to everyone no matter what their background or where they are in life. The night will feature a guided series of mini-sessions — firstly to connect you with others who share your passions and interests, and next to collaborate with them on designing ideas for meetups, activities and other creative ways to connect with new people in the community. 

Whether it’s playing sports or games, making music, arts and crafts, learning languages, discovering cultures or food or the great outdoors or revealing the untold stories of our city, there are an infinite number of ideas for connection that SINGA Commons can help make happen. It all starts here!

SINGA and Migrateful are partnering to offer you an extra special cookery class on the 15th May! A Migrateful cookery class is normally £35 but for this class we are offering a discounted price of £25.

Read more about the event here

Price: £ 25.00