Syrian cuisine with Majeda

Majeda had been working as a children’s therapist when the war broke out in Syria in 2011. She and her family had lived a happy and privileged life in a big house in Damascus. Majeda organised an initiative to feed the thousands of displaced Syrians who were arriving in the capital, having had their homes bombed by the Syrian government. As a result of this activism, she was imprisoned by the regime. She eventually managed to escape Syria and now uses food to continue her campaigning in exile.  In December 2017 Majeda got refugee status in the UK and her two boys have now come to join her.

One evening, at a Migrateful class, she told the group “I believe there is a relationship between cooking and love and that preparing a meal for the one you love, combining your skills and your feelings to create something, can convey a lot to the person: be it husband, children or friends”. People usually leave Majeda’s cookery classes newly politicised about the Syrian situation and delighted by her incredibly tasty food.