The founder, Jess Thompson, has spent the last two and a half years working on the front line to support migrants and refugees in Ceuta (Morocco); Dunkirk refugee camp and London. Her work has included facilitating a weekly human trafficking support group; teaching English, Spanish and French to asylum seekers; and setting up therapeutic English conversation clubs. Jess also completed the Year Here Fellowship from 2016-2017 which gave her the training and network to set up Migrateful. She also works part time at a Homeless charity called Housing Justice as their Fundraising Development Coordinator.

Isabel Sachs manages the Migrateful bookings, recipes and chef training. In 2017 she graduated at Leiths School of Food and Wine, with the goal of teaching more people how to cook and support a sustainable food industry. She plays a key role in training the refugee chefs to become cookery teachers, as whilst they are all good cooks, the process of planning and leading cookery classes takes training and practice, which Isabel is able to support he chefs through the learning process.

Nathalie Baker has recently been employed as a cookery class facilitator. Before working with Migrateful, Nathalie worked full time for the award winning social enterprise Good Deed Dating, and saw first hand the amazing impact social enterprises can have on issues around the UK and worldwide. She has a lot of experience in facilitation and food.