Do you have a passion for food? Keen to support our chefs? Migrateful is looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join our growing team.

These are the different ways in which you can volunteer with us and what is expected of each role:
  1. Cookery Classes: We are currently doing 3-4 classes a week on average, mainly weekday evenings but the occasional weekend or day time ones as well. To ensure each class runs smoothly and on time we need a volunteer there to support both the chef and the facilitator. Your job at the classes is to help set up before the customers arrive, maintain tidiness/cleanliness levels throughout the class and offer support to the chef and customers as and when needed and to help the facilitator wash and tidy up after the class is finished. You will be provided with a full meal at all classes you volunteer at and there are often lots of leftovers to take home as well.
  2. Chef’s Training Sessions: We run a weekly chef’s training session every Wednesday 10am-1.30pm at Pembroke House, Tatum Street, SE17 1QR. The session is an opportunity for all of our chefs and employees to get together, the first half is taken up with an English lesson and the second half is the chef’s training where one of our chef’s does a practice cookery class with the rest of the group as the ‘customers’. We are always looking for volunteers to join us at chef’s training as we feel it is the best way of learning what Migrateful is all about and really getting to know the wider group. Much like with the cookery classes you will be provided with a full meal every session and we will require some help with set up and tidy up, you may also be asked to help out our chef’s with extra activities such as filling out forms, writing recipe’s, English activities, etc. We are aware that our chef’s training session is in working hours so not the easiest thing to attend but if you do have Wednesday mornings free (either regularly or very occasionally) please feel free to come along.
  3. Recipe Writing/Testing: One of our biggest challenges is getting our chefs recipes properly tested and written up and with a long term goal of publishing our own recipe book we are looking for individuals to help us with this. It is something that can be done in your free time and will not require you to attend classes or chef’s training sessions, however you will need to work alongside the chefs. A high level of written English and a good knowledge of recipes and cooking is required for this role. If you are interested in helping with this please let us know.
  4. Supporting Chefs through their Online Level 2 Food Hygiene Course: We are looking for individuals to help our chefs complete their Online Level 2 Food Hygiene Course on a one to one basis. The commitment will require a minimum (depending on the chefs English level and understanding) of four 1.5 hour long sessions outside of class/chefs training times. We will introduce you to the chef you will be working with and then you and them will be left to arrange the times of your subsequent sessions.  For this role a high level of English and a laptop is required and if any of you have completed the qualification yourself that would be an extra bonus.
  5. Providing one to one English lessons with our chefs: If you have experience or training in teaching English and have the time to make a regular commitment we want to hear from you. All of our chefs have different levels of English, one of the main ways we aim to support them is by helping them improve their English. Whilst part of our weekly chefs training session is dedicated to this, we feel most of our chefs could also benefit from some more extensive one to one support. We will introduce you to the chef you will be working with and then you and them will be left to arrange the times of your subsequent sessions.
  6. Help with Migrateful business development. We are a small team punching above our weight. If you have any spare time to help us with fundraising, reaching out to corporates, marketing and PR that would be amazing!

If you are interested in volunteering in any of the ways explained above please fill out the volunteer form below:

Tell us a bit about yourself. (Also please mention if you are a friend of a Migrateful team member)
For example language skills such as Spanish, French and Arabic are super useful (but not at all essential)
Which evenings are you available to help with a class? (6-9.30pm) Are you available to help with the chef training on a Wednesday 10 - 2pm or with a lunch time class (12 - 3.30pm)?
So we can match you with a class located close to your home