Volunteer applications are now closed and will reopen in April 2019

Do you have a passion for food? Keen to support our chefs? Migrateful is looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join our growing team!

We need volunteers to help out at our cookery classes. This means arriving an hour before the class starts to help set up, supporting the chef throughout the class, enjoying a delicious meal with the group then helping with the washing up. Even if you can only commit to helping out at one class a month, we would really appreciate the help!

We also need volunteers to help out at our chef training group every Tuesday 9.30am to 2pm at Crossway Christian Centre, 18 Hampton Street, SE1 6SN. It’s a great way to get to know the chefs and get involved with fun games and practice cookery classes.

We also need help with photography, marketing, PR, fundraising, blog writing and many more things so if you have any skills to offer us please get in touch!

Tell us a bit about yourself. (Also please mention if you are a friend of a Migrateful team member)
Which evenings are you available to help with a class? (5.30-9.30pm) Are you available to help with the chef training group on a Tuesday 9.30 - 2pm or with a lunch time class (11 - 3pm)?
So we can match you with a class located close to your home