Bombs, bare-bums and xenophobia
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Bombs, Bare-bums and Xenophobia

On holiday last July, we four Brits got changed behind some bushes beside a busy lake on the outskirts of Montpelier. To the groups delight, Tom mid-change tripped and fell bare-bottomed onto a rock. We all laughed a lot. A few minutes later an aggressive looking French man appeared and shouted “English? English?” whilst thrusting his clenched fist. “Um yes English” we replied. “Don’t like English! English not welcome!” he repeated in his thick French Read more…

migrateful the privelege of home
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The privilege of home

I first experienced the intensity of leaving home aged eighteen heading off to spend three months in Senegal – an overwhelming sensation of anxiety, impossible to distinguish from excitement. To leave home was to leave the place where I felt belonging and familiarity, surrounded by people who loved and supported me. The voices in my head asked why I would leave such a place to enter a potentially lonely, unknown land. But I loved Senegal Read more…