There are two ways to enjoy a Migrateful cookery class.

You can you can book onto one of our open classes which costs £35 per person. Or you can request a private Migrateful cookery class in your home with any of our chefs, costing £245 (£35 per person and a free place for the host). We bring portable stoves and kitchen utensils to a client’s kitchen and will do the washing up. Guests can bring their own alcohol. Each class lasts around three hours, taking place in the evening normally from 6.30 – 9.30pm, with around 6-8 participants per class.

What to expect

During a Migrateful cookery classes you will work within your group to prepare 3 or more dishes to be served family-style. Some dishes are prepared by the chef and demonstrated to you while some dishes will have you preparing it from beginning to end, while learning our chef’s authentic techniques from their home country. Our classes appeal to those interested in learning international recipes, practising a different language and in meeting new people for a cultural exchange in an intimate home setting, as well as to those wishing to support migrants and refugees struggling to rebuild their lives. Customers have reported: ‘It is an absolutely fantastic way to spend time with friends, meet new people, and learn about a culture and cooking in a cosy, well-equipped, fun and safe setting’. Another told us the class was ‘an enriching way to spend an evening. Cooking and eating with new people, talking and learning about other lives, food and cultures’.

Migrateful’s classes offer much more than just a cookery lesson. Migrateful offers a novel experience in the comfort of your own home, with an added “feel good factor”, knowing you are benefiting those in need. It’s a chance to make a new friendship with the refugee chef and to give them an opportunity to share their story in a setting where they feel empowered, cared for and supported. The facilitation of this friendship is extremely valuable to both chef and customer and unlikely to happen otherwise in the midst of busy city life.