How long are the classes?

2.5 hours (Normally 6.30 – 9pm).

Where do we travel to?

Varying locations in Zones 1 – 3.

What if I I don’t have a venue?

You can host the class at Pembroke House – click here

I am vegan! What class(es) can I attend?

Eritrean and Ethiopian classes are vegan usually. We try and have a few options on other classes when given enough warning, but can not always guarantee some cross contamination.

I am vegetarian! What class(es) can I attend?

All our classes at the Duke of Cambridge are vegetarian.

I only eat Halal meat! What class(es) can I attend?

Our Iranian classes with Elahe, Syrian classes with Haifaa and Pakistani classes with Iqra always use halal meat.