Online Cookery Classes

Enjoy a professional cooking class from anywhere in the world for only £30 per household

What is an Online Cookery Class?​

Our Online Cookery Classes are the perfect way to learn how to cook authentic, delicious traditional dishes from a range of more than 25 cuisines, from the comfort of your own kitchen. You can join your loved ones no matter where they are on the planet and enjoy a relaxed cookery class together. Each ticket gives you access to a Zoom slot, which is why we say that each ticket is valid for 1 household. Simple and affordable!

Migrateful’s Online Cookery Classes are the most affordable way to support our chefs and their journey to integration. 

Virtual Cookery Class

Online Cookery Class

We are running online cookery classes taught by our amazing refugee and migrant chefs on Zoom! Learn to cook delicious food, meet new people, and enjoy a cultural exchange in the fun, intimate setting of your own kitchen. 


per household

What is an Online Cookery Class all about?

A Chef teaching a class via Zoom

Learn new culinary skills

Work by yourself or with others in your household to prepare a meal, usually two dishes, all while learning our chefs’ authentic techniques from their home countries.

Online classes

Meet friends and share culture

An enriching way to spend an afternoon or evening. Cooking along a small group of new people on Zoom, talking and learning about other lives, cuisines and cultures.

Meral Turkish cuisine cooking classes Turkish food

Support the community

Share a moment of community in this time of isolation. Learn with the chef in a setting where they feel empowered, cared for and supported.

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Below you can find the calendar showing all our public Online Classes. If you want to search for a specific keyword (like “Syrian” or “Vegetarian”, you can use the following search bar and click on “Find Events”.

If our site isn’t behaving the way it should, you can book online classes here