Training Classes

Come and support our wonderful Migrateful Chefs by attending their final practice cookery classes before they teach the public.

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Training Class details

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What are Training classes?

Throughout January some of the Migrateful Chefs will be hosting practice cookery classes. For some, this will be the first time they have taught the paying public. For others, it is training to transition from teaching online, to in-person classes.

Jamie Oliver Iranian class

How does a Training class work?

Each class will begin with an introduction from the chef to the cuisine we will be cooking. The chef will then divide the class into stations and cooking will begin. The chef training team and volunteers will be there to support the class. At the end, we will all sit down for a delicious feast. We will also ask the participants for feedback on the class.

Dinner with chef Ahmed

Training classes are special!

Please note that these are training sessions where we will be testing the dishes, how the class runs and the quantities in the recipes. Think of it like a technical rehearsal at the theatre. This means it may run for longer than a normal class and involve some stop, starting.

We will not reveal the chef or the cuisine until the day so please sign up in the knowledge that the cuisine will be a surprise. Unfortunately for this reason dietary requirements can not be accommodated. Please note that all menus include a vegetarian option.

Our current batch of Training classes will start in May 2022 in London @ Migrateful Cookery School (EC1R 0HU) and in Bristol.