We are seeking funding to support our 2024 chef training and support program, which supports 54 migrant cooks to become Migrateful cookery class teachers. Visit our Crowdfunder page to donate (and have your pledges matched up to £250) and read on for more information about our Migrateful chef training program.

Donate to our Migrateful chef training fund

We train refugees and migrants so they are able to lead our cookery classes. Our training programme consists of weekly training sessions, over a period of twelve weeks, completely free of charge. We even cover their travel costs. 

Not only does this training provide them with the skills they need to start teaching their own Migrateful classes, but also offers them an important support network, the chance to practice their English and the opportunity to make new friends. At the end of each training, all the chefs also share a group meal together – as we are strong believers that food can bring people together!

During the sessions we lead workshops on public speaking, English conversation practice and cookery class training. All of our chefs get a chance to try out the cookery class model on each other whilst being observed and trained by our professional cookery class trainers. 

We love running these training sessions, and they are a real lifeline for our chefs. But they come at a big cost to Migrateful: a total of £547 every session. One of our 12 week training programs costs £6565 and we run three training programs a year. The main costs include travel costs for trainees and volunteers, ingredients, staff delivery time and workshop materials.

At Migrateful we want to grow and support even more chefs. So we’re asking you – our friends, supporters, and anyone who feels strongly that refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in the UK should be supported through the huge obstacles of destitution, unemployment, isolation and language barriers – to give whatever you can to help us keep running our training courses. 

Thank you very much,

The Migrateful Team 

Donate to our Crowdfunder campaign to support our 2024 Migrateful chef training program.