Migrateful Solidarity fund

Every day at Migrateful we see the reality of what the Hostile Environment Policy means; forcing people into destitution and homelessness. Over half of our chefs are destitute asylum seekers, without recourse to public funds, unable to legally work whilst waiting on average 10 years to get their immigration status. A lot of our chefs are also not eligible to free healthcare so they try to survive without it. The story of the Ethiopian asylum seeker who needed chemotherapy but was not eligible to NHS treatment and so tragically died last month, highlights the true inhumanity of this policy.

The Migrateful chef Solidarity Fund offers our asylum seeker chefs a weekly grant which will pay for some of their basic needs such as transport, food and medication. Please sponsor our Founder Jess Thompson to run the Paris marathon on the 5th April 2020 to raise money for the Migrateful Chef Solidarity Fund, and help to keep our chefs out of destitution.

In the photo below you can see Ahmed our Lebanese chef (next to Jess). Ahmed was shot in Lebanon 5 years ago and left paralysed so now uses a wheel-chair. He escaped to the UK and has been in the UK seeking asylum for the last 5 years. Whilst he is awaiting the decision of the Home Office, he has been unable to legally work, nor entitled to benefits. Throughout solidarity fund Migrateful is able to offer him weekly payments which makes a real difference to his quality of life and enables him to purchase vital items for his survival.

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