Corporate Cookery Classes

The best choice for team building or company social activities for teams who care about purpose. And food!

We Served:

Teams that cook together, come together.

There is no better team-building activity than a cooking class. Preparing ingredients, cooking, and then dining together, is a special way of creating team cohesion leveraging what makes team-building work: a shared, clear practical objective.

Migrateful corporate cooking classes are also the best way to engage with SCR, Social Corporate Responsibility. Our classes are fun and engaging, and the food is delicious. And because our chefs are refugees or migrants, your class will support them directly, and also help fund our training programme and the destitution fund. It’s the best of both worlds: an engaging team-building activity with high SCR.

If you are an office manager, executive PA, event manager, or simply the person in charge of coming up with team-building and SCR activities in your company, then look no further! Reach out to start booking your corporate cooking class today.

We offer both in-person and online corporate cooking classes. Keep reading to know more, or navigate to the detail pages to start booking.