Groups that cook together, stay together.

Enjoy a bespoke group learning, dining & social experience like no other with food and stories from our Migrateful Chefs.

Group Cookery Experiences

Whether you’re looking for a fun group bonding activity, supporting your company or community social responsibility goals, or simply fancy a good old Friday night social, we can craft a cookery experience tailor-made to suit your preferences.

Not only are our classes the perfect out-of-the-ordinary activity for team and community building, events, and socials, but they also provide our Chefs with the ideal conditions to build confidence, practise language skills, grow their network and access support and job opportunities.

Speak to our team to book your bespoke Migrateful Cookery experience.

Come To Us

For those who want to be transported into an exciting culinary world.

  • A hands-on 3-hour Cookery Class where you will prepare a full feast.
  • Hosted in the fully equipped Migrateful Cookery School.
  • Drinks are available to order from our fully-stocked mini bar.

Host Your Own

 For those who want something shorter or would prefer to host in their own space.

  • 1-hour interactive Cookery Demo where you will discover new recipes, techniques and ingredients.
  • Our chefs will bring recipes from their kitchens to your space!
  • Ideal as a standalone experience or pocket activity for special events with the option to customise, co-brand or partner.
Cooking Demo


For those wanting to stay connected and learn from the comfort of their own kitchen!

  • Great for teams in multiple locations.
  • Choose from a step by step cook-along in our Online Cookery Class or our Online Cookery Demos for those who simply want to watch, learn and join in the conversation. 

What Our Clients Say


Our Migrateful chefs have shared their recipes and our dining table with over 100 companies including Google, Salesforce, Waitrose, Meta, Jamie Oliver and others.

“We involved Migrateful chef demonstrations in many of our inclusion workshops and we are always inspired by the experience. The chefs are so skilful and engaging – building a tangible connection to the world around us through their stories and their food.”

Charlotte, Altogether Different

“The most enjoyable, well organized and informative cooking class I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to plenty. The Migrateful mission is truly humbling yet hugely inspiring. I highly recommend supporting this initiative and investing in an experience you won’t forget.”

Neil, Salesforce

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