Join the Orange Onion Club!

The coolest volunteering bulb club in town (our friends say).
Find out how you can be part of this community and support our chefs as a Class Sidekick.


We welcome you all to the Orange Onion Club, a regular volunteering community we created especially for you, our amazing class sidekicks!

Your support in running our chefs’ cookery classes (also literally running around our kitchens) throughout the past few years have made a world of difference in the lives of the refugees and migrants who belong to the Migrateful family.


Our chefs are the superheroes of our cooking classes, but every hero needs a sidekick! To properly run a class, we need 3-4 volunteers for each, for a total time of 5.30 hrs per class. 

Daytime class time commitment: 10:30-16:00 

Evening class time commitment: 17:00-22:30

This is where you come in! Class Sidekicks are volunteers who ideally can commit 5.5hrs a week for 6 consecutive weeks in London and Bristol. Each class cycle happens in the same venue every week and will have a different chef and a different Facilitator. This means that Class Sidekicks are fundamental to making sure the operations are covered and the vibe is good.

However, we recognize that 6 weeks can be quite a huge commitment for some and so by joining, you also get first dibs on available classes for one-off volunteering.


You might be wondering: HOW DO I MANAGE ALL OF THESE? Simple: through The Orange Onion Club Volunteer Portal!

It’s your one-stop hub that allows you to independently organize and be in full control your volunteering activities.

To access this, all you need to do is sign up, click the confirmation email to change your password, log in, take a quick quiz and you can start organising. Remember: the more classes you attend, the bigger your impact!

Volunteer Portal


Every class is different but there’s one thing we can guarantee: you’ll want to volunteer again after sharing your time with our chefs and fellow class sidekicks and enjoying delicious food together!

Class Sidekick
Here are some of the other things you will be expected to do during the classes:
  • Helping with set up of the space & cooking stations.
  • Welcoming participants & ensuring they enjoy themselves.
  • Keeping stations clear & clean by removing food scraps & cleaning equipment.
  • Washing up & helping the Facilitator pack up.
Ready to become a Migrateful Class Sidekick? Click the button below and register at our volunteer portal!