Join the Orange Onion Club!

There are many ways you can volunteer with us and support our chefs!

The Orange Onion Club

We welcome you all to the Orange Onion Club, a regular volunteering community we created especially for you, our amazing class sidekicks!

We couldn’t stress it enough: your support in running our chefs’ cookery classes (also literally running around our kitchens) throughout the past few years have made a world of difference in the lives of the refugees and migrants who belong to the Migrateful family and it’s high time we treat you with a little something extra to make the hours you spend with us even more meaningful.  

Our chefs are the superheroes of our cooking classes, but every hero needs a sidekick! Each class we run in-person requires a series of professional figures besides the chef. To properly run a class, we need 4 volunteers for each class, for a total time of 5.30hrs per class. expensive to run otherwise. 

Daytime class time commitment: 10:30-16:00

Evening class time commitment: 17:00-22:30

This is where you come in! Apply now to become a Class Sidekick, the core volunteer role at Migrateful cooking classes. Class Sidekicks are volunteers who can commit 5.5hrs a week for 6 consecutive weeks (12 weeks in Kent and Brighton).

We call them “Class Cycles”, a group of 6 consecutive classes happening at the same time in the same place week after week. Each class will have a different chef and a different Facilitator. This means that Class Sidekicks are fundamental to making sure the operations are covered and the vibe is good.

There are multiple slots to choose from, depending on the day of the week, time, time, and location:

Evening Migrateful Cookery School, EC1R 0HU
Evening St Ethelburga’s (every other week), EC2N
Evening Migrateful Cookery School, EC1R 0HU
Evening Holdspace, N1
Evening Mercato Metropolitano, SE1
Evening All Saints Peckham, SE15
Evening Migrateful Cookery School, EC1R 0HU
Evening Holdspace, N1
Evening Migrateful Cookery School, EC1R 0HU
Evening Holdpsace, N1
Evening Migrateful Cookery School, EC1R 0HU
Evening All Saints Peckham, SE15
Daytime Migrateful Cookery School, EC1R 0HU
Evening Migrateful Cookery School, EC1R 0HU
Daytime Migrateful Cookery School, EC1R 0HU
Evening Migrateful Cookery School, EC1R 0HU
Monday Evenings Cooking It, BS6 6PG
Tuesday Evenings St. Werburgh's Community Centre, BS2 9TJ
Wednesday Evenings Coexist Kitchen, BS5 6JE
KENT (6 classes over 12 weeks)
Wednesday Evenings St Martin and St Paul, CT1 1NH
Thursday Evenings The Margate Caves CT9 1FG
BRIGHTON (6 classes over 12 weeks)
Thursday Evenings Wild Artisan Cafe, St Augustine's Art and Events Centre BN1 6EA

Every cycle has an induction party and a wrap-up party! Details to be confirmed

How do I apply?

Here is how it works:

  • Pick a “Time & Place” that works for you. This is the Time&Place that will stay with you cycle after cycle (unless you *really* need to change it)
  • Complete.
  • Shortlisted volunteers will receive an email containing a special link to a private event on Eventbrite where you can finalise your commitment by booking a free ticket.
  • 🎉 You’re all set! The more classes you attend, the bigger your impact!

The main volunteer responsibilities during classes are:

  • Helping with set up of the space & cooking stations.
  • Welcoming participants & ensuring they enjoy themselves.
  • Keeping stations clear & clean by removing food scraps & cleaning equipment.
  • Washing up & helping the Facilitator pack up.
  • Enjoying delicious meal prepared during class!

To sign up, click on one of the following buttons, depending on your area of choice. You will be taken to a web form where you can send us your details and we’ll come back to you with more information on how to complete your application.