Other ways to volunteer with Migrateful

There are many ways you can volunteer with us and support our chefs!

Volunteering with Migrateful is a great opportunity to see the inner workings of a successful social enterprise. Depending on your area of interest, your skills, and your availabilities, there are always ways to give a hand and really support our efforts.

We have two main areas of activity focusing on delivering service (chef training and class delivery) and two main areas at the Migrateful HQ (operations and marketing and media). These four areas are where we employ the vast majority of our volunteers. 

Chef Training

Class Delivery


Marketing & Media

Service: Chef Training

Our chef training programme lasts 2 years and it involves a series of in-person and online classes and more. Running our training programme requires a lot of support, to make sure chefs in training can get all the support they need. These are the volunteering opportunities to support chef training:


Service: Cookery Classes

Our Cookery Classes, whether they are recurring open classes or bespoke corporate/private classes (plus catering!), are the main source of funding to our cause. We aim at sustaining 75% of our entire operation with the social enterprise side of our charity. That means we need to make sure our classes run smoothly. To run a class, we need 4 volunteers helping the Chef and the Facilitator. 

That’s why we created the Orange Onion Club. What’s the OOC? It’s the community for our Class Sidekicks, for volunteers who can commit to class cycles happening once a week, for 6 weeks. Join our extraordinary league of purple-aproned class sidekicks. Slice, dice & save the day one cookery class at a time!

Join the Orange Onion Club here!


Migrateful HQ: Marketing & Media

If you are a graphic designer, a videographer, a content producer, a social media specialist, a writer, a photographer, or anything related to media, marketing and digital, then you can volunteer your time and skills with us on a project basis. Let us know what you have in mind!


Migrateful HQ: Operations

In 2022 we will run more than 1000 open classes, more than 100 bespoke private and corporate classes, and dozens of catering events. We also operate our own Cookery School. As you can imagine, that means a ton of administrative and operational work, which means we always have a need for Operations volunteers:


How much time can you spare?

The first thing you should ask yourself when looking at volunteering (with any charity!) is how much time you think you can commit. When we mention “Half a day” we usually mean 4 hours in one day, while a Full day would be 8 hours, again all in one day. 

  1. 5.5 HOURS x 1 DAY x MULTIPLE WEEKS (Orange Onion Club Class Sidekick) 
  2. 1 FULL DAY A WEEK x 12 WEEKS (Chef Training Volunteer)
  3. 3/4 FULL DAYS A WEEK x 12 WEEKS (Longer placements, basically a part-time volunteering role for 3 or 4 months)
  4. AD-HOC PROJECTS (Photography, video making, graphic design, research, etc…) 

Please apply below if you could support us with any of the following:

Daytime cookery classes, Evening cookery classes, Bristol classes (Wednesday evenings in Easton), Graphic design, Photography, Videomaking, Recipe testing. Complete the form at the bottom of this page to let us know how you can help!

Before you can work as a Migrateful volunteer, you will need to sign our Volunteer Agreement and confirm that you will abide by our key policies. Please read our Volunteer Handbook to find more information on what you can expect from us, what we expect from you, links to our key policies and details on how you can sign up for volunteering roles.

Below you can find our key policies. Please take a look at them to find out more about how we operate and what we expect all Migrateful collaborators to understand and accept.

Until the Orange Onion Club is up and running, if you have 5.5hrs available to volunteer at a Cooking Class, you can still volunteer using the links below. Each button will take you to a list of classes happening in each area. If the class still has volunteer slots available, you will see a “sign up” link attached to it. Click on it, put in your details, and submit. We’ll then reach out via email to confirm!

If you want to let us know you want to volunteer with us, but none of the placement roles works for you, complete this form and send us your details.