Online Cookery Classes for Private Groups

Connect remotely with family and friends with a private online cooking class

What is a Migrateful Private Class?

We call “Private Classes” all the cooking classes that we organise specifically for you, following an enquiry you send us. Private classes are ideal for families, groups of friends, hen parties, and group activities. Private classes are not meant for companies, though (check our Corporate Classes page instead). 

To recap: if you are a private group (not a company) and want a cooking class just for you, Private Classes are what you are looking for!

But what’s the difference between a private in-person class and a private online class? And how are classes run? Keep reading to find out!

Online Private Class Details

Zineb Zoom Online Class

Online private classes overview

The chef of your choice will guide your group in preparing a traditional meal from their home country via a Zoom video call. Each participant can cook along from the comfort of their own kitchen for a moment of connection and learning.

A Chef teaching a class via Zoom

How online private classes work

Each household will receive ahead of time a list of easy-to-source ingredients and equipment needed for the class, along with a link to a Zoom video call so that everyone can cook together.

Online classes

Stay connected and learn a new skill

The chef will share authentic techniques and anecdotes, answer questions and provide feedback on your dishes. Share a moment of community in this time of isolation where your group is bonding while the chef feels empowered and supported. 

Meral Turkish cuisine cooking classes Turkish food

Duration and group size

Our online classes last between 1.5 and 2 hours and are ideal for both lunch or dinner. Our online classes are designed with a group of 10-15 participants in mind, but we can be flexible!


First time I’ve ever done anything like this, my son bought it for me for Christmas, he also enjoyed himself. It was lovely hearing about Anastasia’s home life and how she explained the dish, it was beyond expectations. The food was delicious.

I had so much fun and the chef was very patient and great at explaining! Food was delicious. I am so happy I have leftovers for today. I'd sign up in a heartbeat for the next one!

It was lovely to have a facilitator and to speak to both her and the chef about their experiences in the UK and their past. We were a very small group and very glad not to have to mute. It was lovely to learn about another cuisine and we all enjoyed the cooking and eating.

Last night’s class was a huge success! Momo and Becca were absolutely fantastic and everyone loved the experience. Huge thanks to everyone at Migrateful for helping to make my Dad’s birthday so special. We had such a laugh doing the cooking then we stayed on the Zoom call afterwards to eat together."